Career Summary

1968 – 2003
Clinical Social Worker, Columbia University Health Service (Main Campus); 10+ years Administrator for Clinical Services, Mental Health Division, renamed Counseling and Psychological Services

Active organizationally at a local and national level in the development of college mental health services on campuses as a distinct specialty; efforts to encourage interdisciplinary composition of counseling service psychotherapists
1987 – 2003

Administrative Consultant to the Juilliard School; developed specialty in treatment of the performing artist

2003 to Present
Private practice in Westchester County (Irvington & Pleasantville)

Refer to Significant Areas of Experience & Interest in Treatment Approach

Active in 3 Specialty Areas:

  • The Psychology of the Adopted Adolescent & Adult
    independently working with colleagues to develop this as a clinical specialty,establishing an “adoption specific knowledge-base” for the treatment of adopted adolescents, young adults, and adults throughout the life cycle; also urging the development of ‘best practices’ for agencies in responding to requests of adopted adults for information; active in adoption reform at the NYS legislative level (see testimony before Assembly Committee online)
  • Current Issues in College Mental Health
    the need for Clinical Social Work in the college setting, with particular regard to the training of doctoral/MSW candidates within community colleges; the need for updated protocols in crisis management (suicidal/homicidal risk), including the use of mandatory risk assessments
  • Treatment of Parents in Child Custody Litigation
    the serious problem within family law, when children are involved, that in custody litigation – and in adoption – family law actually functions as a form of probate (property) law; the concept of “the best interests of the child” is recognized only in mental health; active with the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts

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Paper (see under Specialties) “Observations on the Unique Developmental and Treatment Complexities of Adopted Patients”